Budget 2019

1. Executive Overview

Opening night presentation - [Available January 21, 2019]
Ranking Criteria
Supplementary Budget Criteria
Supplementary Budget Pamphlet CK PLAN 2035

2. Corporate Summary

3. Police Services

4. Infrastructure Lifecycle Strategy

5. Previously Approved - Recommended

6. Items Recommended

7. Other Funding Available - Recommended

8. Items Not Recommended

9. Other Information

a) Grouping Schedule
b) Briefing Notes
BR006-2019 Planning Services-Shoreline Study
BR007-2019 Local Immigration Partnership
BR009-2019 Community Resource Advisor
BR010-2019 Home Ownership/Ontario Renovates/Housing Allowance
BR011-2019 Housing Claims Analyst
BR013-2019 SWIFT/WOWC: Project initiation
BR014-2019 Fibre Project
BR015-2019 Memorial Facility Operator Position
BR016-2019 Road Share of Municipal Drainage Project
BR017-2019 EMS–Additional 12 Hours of Service
BR018-2019 Special Event Fees
BR019-2019 Soccer Canteen/Washroom/Storage Building
BR020-2019 Provincial Offences Revenue
BR022-2019 RGI Revenue Adjustment
BR028-2019 Drainage Administration Fee
BR035-2019 Increase Municipal Prosecutor
BR039-2019 Purchase of Powered Ambulance Cots
BR040-2019 Reduction in Case Load
BR044-2019 Portable Housing Benefit
BR045-2019 Private Non-Profit Subsidy Adjustment
BR047-2019 Gazetted Untargeted SHA Funding
BR048-2019 Public Health Base Budget Increase
BR049-2019 Annualized Revenue Increase
BR050-2019 Reduction in Revenue Due to Decrease in Case Mix Index
BR053-2019 eDraulics Station 3 Wallaceburg
BR054-2019 eDraulics for Volunteer Stations (Cutters Only)
BR061-2019 CAOMayor's Office, Membership Fees
BR062-2019 Director/Solicitor position FTE
BR066-2019 Capitol Maintenance
BR072-2019 Director HROD
BR086-2019 Contracted Management Fee (John D Bradley Convention Centre)
BR094-2019 Wallaceburg Sport Field Revenues
BR095-2019 Snow Clearing for Rec Facilities
BR096-2019 Blenheim Sport Field Revenues
BR097-2019 Arena Volume Adjustments
BR098-2019 Chatham Arenas
BR099-2019 Tilbury-Wheatley Arenas
BR100-2019 Bothwell Arena
BR102-2019 Contributions to Reserves Facility Replacement and Strategic Development Reserve
BR115-2019 NonDept Late Payment Charges
BR116-2019 NonDept Interest Earned
BR122-2019 Marketing-Community Relations Expense
BR123-2019 Economic Development Officer, Business Development
BR126-2019 Fire Records Management/asset management software
BR128-2019 Call-back replacement system
BR133-2019 ARTspace Relocation
BR134-2019 Recruitment Lifeguards
BR136-2019 CD Executive Assistant, HROD
BR138-2019 Deskless Workers
BR139-2019 Business Solutions Analyst (BSA)
BR140-2019 Citizen Service Request Corporate Project
BR141-2019 Corporate Integration Optimization
BR142-2019 Webpage Redesign
BR143-2019 DAWM-Environmental Technician
BR145-2019 Business Solution Analyst – Capital Asset Management
BR148-2019 Salt Materials
BR149-2019 Bothwell Canteen
BR150-2019 Ridgetown Arena Canteen
BR152-2019 NonDept Taxation Write Offs
BR155-2019 Accessible-Communications and Marketing-Software
BR156-2019 Year 3 – Ginger Growing Trials
BR157-2019 Planner I, Environmental Planner
BR160-2019 NonDept CPF GRANTS
BR162-2019 Cyber Insurance
BR163-2019 Official Plan Review
BR167-2019 CCEY Case Manager
BR169-2019 Client Systems Support
BR171-2019 Early Years Educator
BR172-2019 Box Office Renovations
BR173-2019 Tourism Student
BR174-2019 Preschool Programming
BR175-2019 Recreation Events
BR176-2019 Special Populations Team Leader
BR178-2019 Rec Special Pop Transfer From Reserves
BR179-2019 Talent Attraction
BR180-2019 CK Renovates
BR181-2019 Note Portable Housing Benefit
BR182-2019 Developing Affordable Housing
BR183-2019 Housing and Homelessnes Plan 5 Year Review
BR185-2019 BSO Other Health Professional
BR186-2019 Assistant Administrator
BR187-2019 New MOH Restricted Funding
BR189-2019 New Grad Internship
BR190-2019 Recruitment Software Project
BR191-2019 Leadership Development Internship
BR192-2019 WSIC Schedule 2 Chronic Care
BR197-2019 Summer Student - Asset Management
BR198-2019 Environmental Project Coordinator
BR199-2019 Ridge Landfill Host Community Fee
BR201-2019 Request Research and Development Position
BR203-2019 Request Engineering Technician II
BR204-2019 Transit Strategy Project
BR206-2019 Purchase of Contact Management System
BR207-2019 Mobile Data Terminal (MTD) CAD integration
BR209-2019 Project Assistant Trainer
c) User Fee Detail
User Fee Detail Summary
User Fee Detail
d) Reserves
Summary of Reserves
e) Summary of 2019 Recommended Staffing Changes
Summary of 2019 FTES - Recommended Staffing Changes
f) Summary of Community Consultation Meetings
2019 Community Feedback
g) 2019 Budget Survey Results
2019 Budget Survey
h) Other

10. 2018 Budget Overview

11. Taxation Inserts