Budget 2018

1. Executive Overview

2. Corporate Summary

3. Previously Approved - Recommended

4. Items Recommended

5. Other Funding Available - Recommended

6. Police Services

7. Items Not Recommended

8. Infrastructure Lifecycle Strategy

9. Service Reductions

10. Other Information

a) Grouping Schedule
Grouping Schedule
b) Briefing Notes
BR010-2018 Briefing Note ESS Upload & HS reserve trf & RVG Nurse Mgr
BR011-2018 Briefing Note HS - Rent Geared to Income
BR015-2018 Briefing Note Supp Drainage Administration Fees
BR017-2018 Briefing Note Supp W&R Ridge Landfill Host Community Fee
BR022-2018 Briefing Note CS 2 RTC Aug. 21 2017-Expansion
BR025-2018 Briefing Note CS Ministry funding
BR029-2018 Briefing Note HS - Untargetted SHA Funding
BR030-2018 Briefing Note RVG - Annualize Revenue Increases
BR031-2018 Briefing Note Supp Drainage Urban Assessment
BR033-2018 Briefing Note Supp Public Works OPRD
BR035-2018 Briefing Note - Grants in Lieu provincial properties
BR039-2018 Briefing Note ESS - Community Resource Advisor
BR055A-Briefing Note - Minimum Wage - Chatham Page
BR055B-Briefing Note - Minimum Wage - Wallaceburg Page
BR055C-2018 Briefing Note Reduction Eng Student Position
BR058-2018 Briefing Note - Taxation Write Offs
BR060-2018 Briefing Note - Investment Income interest earned
BR070-Briefing Note - Reduction - Tech Trainers
BR072-2018 Briefing Note HS - Property tax subsidy adj
BR073-2018 Briefing Note PH - Dental Hygienist
BR075-2018 Briefing Note Supp W&R Services Ridge Landfill Host Community Fee
BR076-2018 Briefing Note Supp W&R Services Blue Box Fund
BR084-2018 Briefing Note Supp Animal Shelter Project Coordinator
BR089-HR Generalist - Briefing Note
BR092-2018 Briefing Note Training Officer
BR097-2018 Briefing Note SharePoint Application Administrator
BR102-2018 Briefing Note SH - Housing Services Assistant
BR104-2018 Briefing Note HS - Tenant Relations Caseworker
BR107-2018 Briefing Note Supp ENG TECH I position Item BASE
BR110-2018 Briefing Note Supp ENG TECH I I position Item BASE
BR114-2018 Briefing Note Supp Public Works Winter Control
BR115-2018 Briefing Note Supp Public Works Assistant Supervisors
BR116-2018 Briefing Note Supp FT licensing
BR118-Briefing Note - Materials Increase LIBRARY
BR123-WSIB Schedule 2 - Chronic Care - Briefing Note
BR124-Attendance Mgmt - Briefing Note
BR125-Administrative Assistant - Briefing Note
BR128-2018 BN - CAP - Tourism Summer Student
BR129-2018 BN - CAP - CK LIP
BR131-2018 BN - RCS - Special Pops Summer Team Leader
BR132-2018 BN - RECFAC - Memorial Facility Operator
BR134-2018 Briefing Note Community Paramedicine
BR135-2018 Briefing Note Live Fire Training Unit
BR136-2018 Briefing Note E-Cutters
BR141-2018 Briefing EMS Spare Vehicle Addition
BR145-2018 Briefing Note Technology Strategic Plan
BR146-2018 Briefing Note SWIFT RAN Yr4 of 5
BR147-2018 Briefing Note Roads and Highways
BR148-2018 Briefing Note 2016 Canadian Census Analysis
BR149-2018 Briefing Note E Funded JDE Systems Optimization
BR150-2018 Briefing Note ESS - Home for Good
BR153-2018 Briefing Note ESS - CK Renovates
BR154-2018 Briefing Note HS - IAHE Home Ownership
BR155-2018 Briefing Note HS - Housing Claims Analyst
BR156-2018 Briefing Note HS -Social Infrastructure Fund
BR157-2018 Briefing Note HS - CK Intensive Case Management
BR158-2018 Briefing Note PH Healthy Kids
BR159-2018 Briefing Note RVG - Assistant Administrator
BR161-2018 Briefing Note Supp WR Services Environmental Consultant
BR162-2018 Briefing Note Supp ENG TECH I I position Item SUPP 1 YR
BR164-2018 Briefing Note Supp gravel pit decommision
BR165-2018 Briefing Note Supp Public Works Airport Development Plan
BR166-2018 Briefing Note - Environmental Property Management Species at Risk
BR167-2018 Briefing Note - Lake Erie Integrated Shoreline Management Plan Development
BR168-2018 Briefing Note - Climate Change Action Planning GHG
BR170-2018 Briefing Note Dive Team
BR171-2018 Briefing Note JD Edwards Single Sign On
BR172-2018 Briefing Note JD Edwards Application Support
BR174-Summer Student - Briefing Note
BR175-2018 Briefing Note Shore-based Water Rescue1
BR176-2018 Briefing Note Paging Solution
BR177-2018 Briefing Note Rural Water Supply Standardization
BR179-2018 Briefing Note CKEMS Enhancements (002)
BR181-2018 Briefing Note 2 Year Technical Trainer
BR182-2018 Briefing Note Legal Services Summer Student
BR184-2018 Briefing Note Supp PT MFIPPA
BR186-2018 BN - POS - Future Issue Veterans Garden Site Development
BR188-2018 BN - RCS - Future Issue - Lifeguard Wage
BR189-2018 Briefing Note Deskless Workers
c) Minimum Wage Impact
Minimum Wage Impact Summary
Minimum Wage User Fee Detail
d) User Fee Detail
User Fee Detail Summary
User Fee Detail
e) Reserves
Summary of Reserves
f) Summary of 2018 Recommended Staffing Changes
Summary of 2018 Recommended Staffing
g) Summary of Community Consultation Meetings
2018 Community Feedback
h) 2018 Budget Survey Results
1. 2018 Budget Survey
2. Project Analytics-Budget 2018
3. Have Your Say in the 2018 Budget Results
i) Other

11. 2017 Budget Overview

12. Taxation Issues